Anwar Wahhab is a famous writer and a speaker in the fitness industry today. He generally spends his free time writing articles for most high profile news papers and magazines in India.Some of the articles and queries answered below



Who deserve to be your ideal coach? Anwar Wahhab

2 Indian coaches and trainers update yourself. Come on!! Anwar Wahhab
3 Professionalism
4 In town and not training with Anwar Wahab?
5 Is it safe to allow our children to work out with weights or send them to a gym ?
6 How important is weight training ?
7 Is a treadmill a good way of losing weight ?
8 How many reps (repetitions) should I be doing per set of exercise ?
9 Banish the excuses, get off the blocks right now.
10 Counter Food Binge with Regular Exercise.
11 Cut Down on common Gym Mistakes.
12 Don't mimick, you may land in trouble.
13 Edging ahead of 'equals' on the fairways.
14 Enjoy holidays, with a tab on health.
15 Fitness coaches can now up their aptness quotient.
16 Fitness facts
17 Five Common Myths About Fitness Training.
18 Future Of Fitness Lies In Wellness
19 Go, Get That Lean, Mean Look.
20 Good for you, good for others
21 Manners That Matter While You Work Out.
22 Much water in these; we’ll drink to that.
23 Personal fitness machines-except time nothing else matters.
24 Proper Care & Exercise Crucial For Strong Knees.
25 Run into shape the right way.
26 Workout the way.

Edging ahead of 'equals' on the fairways


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