In town and not training with Anwar Wahab?

In town and not training with Anwar Wahab?

The Telegraph, Kolkata, India. Saturday, April 24, 2004

In town and not training with Anwar Wahab? That’s a no-no for Arjun Atwal. Since 2001, the ace golfer has been keenly following the power-lifting regimen the ace fitness adviser has set for him. Queries from Atwal keep flooding Wahab even over e-mail, when the golfing champ is abroad, seeking tips from the man who has helped him with the groundwork for his long drives.

“Arjun keeps dropping into my place whenever he is in Calcutta. So do Rohan Gavaskar and Devang Gandhi. But golf and cricket require absolutely different energy levels. In golf, the exercise pattern is that of a power-lifter’s because the muscles work the same way in both cases. Tiger Woods picks up 130 kg just like a power-lifter while working out and hits the longest shot,” says Wahab.

But the middle-aged fitness guru prefers to keep his hi-flying celeb clients out of the conversation and focus on his current mission — help Calcuttans shrug off their sloppiness and stay in shape by giving them a chance to sweat it out at “a fitness centre of international standards”.

As the fitness consultant to Ocio — touted as the country’s first leisureplex — Wahab is giving shape to a fitness module to be rolled out to Calcuttans by May-end. The five-storey building in Alipore has been furnished with equipment of Cybex-make, a leading brand in fitness gear manufacturing, that can be used by both sportsmen toning up their muscles and middle-aged women battling the bulge.

“Those in the 40-plus age group are really getting into fitness. But 90 per cent people in Calcutta use fake machines at the neighbourhood gyms. Quite a few of them have come to me with problems arising from wrong training and use of machines not up-to-the-mark,” says Wahab, who regularly puts Rohan Gavaskar, Devang Gandhi and Team Bengal Ranji through the paces and steers a fitness programme at Tollygunge Club involving 20 young golfers from the east.

“The pectoral/rear deltoid, the assisted chin-up/dip and the hip abduction/adduction gear will be introduced in Calcutta for the first time. Not even top-notch gyms in Mumbai have all these upgraded editions of equipment. The movement on them will just feel like butter,” promises Wahab. Add to this the functional trainer, a gym by itself, with 22 exercise routines on a single machine.

Ready to take in around 500 members, Ocio will be offering a family package for Rs. 65,000 a year. The gym even offers an at-home feel where one can do the treadmill with an eye on a favourite TV show.

Wahab’s job at Ocio would be to evaluate a trainee’s fitness according to his or her age and thereby set up a short-term regimen. After a thorough monitoring, a pattern suitable to the trainee will be prescribed.

To help him out will be a bunch of four certified-trainers and doctors to keep an eye on the member’s health. Safety measures and emergency plans will be accorded highest importance.



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