Edging ahead of 'equals' on the fairways

As I see it, being fit is about the body  feeling and functioning well  so the mind is more capable of focussing on the task at hand: the next shot.
The new breed of players on the professional golf tour are indicative of what is happening in the game.The top young players are leaner, more muscular, and more flexible than the generation of golfers before them.
Fitness training  can reduce your physical limitations and help you optimise  your swing pattern.Training  enables more efficient transfer of momentum, which translates into improved ball striking capability  and increased club-head  speed at impact.         

When in comparison to energy requirements between baseball players and a golfers , a 300 yards hit by a golfer is of the same  power as of a baseball 300 feet hit from a resting position . In  baseball,  centre field has to  travel less than 2000yards , moving to and fro to the dug  out  between  innings and a golfers has to walk  almost 8000 yards per round . In baseball, also considering movements to run base paths or chase down fly balls, the distance is more for a golfers. ,  To sum it all , golf  may require less intensity  in comparison to  Baseball the greater volume of activity provides higher overall energy costs when compared to baseball. The baseball community having accepted physical training as part of its program,. 
Golf is a sport and Golfers are athletes. You need strong and flexible muscles to generate power and club head speed. You need  stamina and endurance as well , to maintain focus over 18 holes. You need good posture to achieve a proper ball address position  and prevent injury .
To produce good golf swing these physical characteristics of posture , balance, flexibility ,strength, power, timing and endurance must all work together in harmony. Ofcourse, natural golf skill  and technique are also important , but to get maximum results from your swing,and take full advantage  of lessons and equipment , your body must be conditioned to meet  the specific physical requirements of the game of golf.
Some golfers believe strength training will have a negative effect on golf performance by decreasing flexibility . Things will not reach such a situation  if proper stretching exercises are also employed..........Remember , strength training can not just help improve your game, it can also prevent injury.
Golf requires  both strength and flexibility. Additionally ,significant  muscular endurance is necessary  to hit bucket after bucket  of practice balls , and to avoid overuse injuries.
The muscles in the trunk area , the 'Core 'of the body play an important role in stabilisation as  well as providing power  for trunk rotation . Specifically  the SERRATUS ANTERIOR( which follow the path of the ribs on the sides of the trunk)  the erector spinae  in the back, and the abdominal oblique muscles  are  most active.
The hips and legs also contribute significantly to the golf swing . In fact , the power developed in a golf swing begins from the  ground and up ...power generates from the feet to legs to the hips and is then transmitted through the trunk  and out to the arms.




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