Workout the way.

Workout the way.

Lack of physical activity, unhealthy food habits and higher stress levels are leading to increase in obesity in India. Characterized by an increase in the total body fat, obesity is a chronic disease that is rising in all age groups. You'll be surprised to know, that the fastest growing group of obese all across the world, is children. One most important factor is insulin, which enables the body to store extra calories as fat. Physical exercise helps control insulin levels certain foods elicit its massive release. A child, who sits in front of the TV for hours and hours, eating potato chips and consuming aerated drinks, is an ideal fat-storage machine. "The drastic increase in the number of children suffering from obesity has been going up at an alarming rate. It's due to the extensive change in their lifestyle in comparison to the previous generation," explains Gagan Sports. Bodyline has taken a holistic view of this problem to offer solutions. Body sports showroom at Ballygunj Circular Road offers the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment in cardiovascular training and strength building for the whole family at affordable prices. "From the simplest of treadmills to the latest of multi gyms," as Gagan puts it. "We also given free demonstrations and valued suggestions to suit your requirements. While suggesting the equipmeant, we take into account various aspects like age, sex, work schedule, medical history along with the monetary budget and space for storage of these," says Gagan. "We provide more than 50 varieties of exercisers but the most in demand are the treadmills and cross trainers as they give a complete cardiovascular workout with faster and permanent results." he added. The variety of domestic, commercial and club use equipment, ranging from Rs 3500 onwards to as high as Rs. I lakh. The group also specialises in providing qualitative and competitive health club services where fitness programs are held under the expert guidance of renowned fitness director, Anwar Wahab. "Being fat and physically inactive has now a name, Sedentary Death Syndrome or SEDS," says ace trainer Anwar. "Physical inactivity or obesity, which can start during childhood can lead to wide range of diseases which when coupled with poor diet, kill a quarter million people every year. We are providing personalised exercise charts to all our heath club members. They can also be tailor made to suit the requirement of children," said Anwar. The latest additions to the bodyline health clubs other than regular gymming and aerobics are Swiss ball exercise, pilates, tai chi and high class yoga therapy under tutelage of expert yoga instructor Abin Sur. Health Club memberships start from Rs 900 onwards and the timings are from 6am to 10 pm.

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Kolkata-700019 (opp AAEI)
Ph: 24545396 / 7

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