Proper Care & Exercise Crucial For Strong Knees.

.   Proper Care & Exercise Crucial For Strong Knees.

• KNEES ARE extremely vulnerable and need a lot of care to last you the entire life without trouble. Here are certain steps that you can take to keep them going.

• Maintain proper weight. Each extra pound you acquire puts four extra pounds of pressure on your knee when you walk.

• Have your posture evaluated. If you tend to sway back or have flat feet, get proper shoes. Both conditions put more inward pressure on knees.

• Strengthen your core muscles — back, abdominals, hips — not just your legs. That is where your strength comes from. And safeguard your knees.

• When you are moving during sports or just during everyday events, consider these suggestions: "Jump straight as an arrow and land "light as a feather", toes to heels.

• Start training 6-8 weeks before a sport or beginning any new activity. A lot of this can be done at home. Going to the gym and just pounding weights or running may not actually be enough. Reflex training, as suggested by an expert, is essential".

• Women need to be vigilant about using proper jumping and playing techniques when nearing ovulation. New research shows injuries tend to cluster between 9-14 of women's cycle as the oestrogen level' relaxes ligaments during this time.

• Aim for functional training. Do things that mimic the movements you actually would use in a sport or activity.

• When you go to shoot a basket (in basketball), you need to control body weight as you jump; it is the best resistance. It does not make sense for a girl to sit on a leg extension machine. While playing, does one need to throw up legs like that?

• Improve reaction times and cut down on injuries. Women take longer to generate maximum force than men. If they have to stop quickly and turn, they can get injured easily."

• Work your hamstrings, not just your quadriceps. In men, hamstrings are 60 per cent to 70 per cent as strong as the quadriceps (front of thigh). In women, they're only 45 per cent to 55 per cent as strong.

• Anwar Wahab is fitness consultant certified by American Council on Exercise. Contact him at



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