Indian coaches and trainers update yourself. Come on!! Anwar Wahhab

Indian coaches and trainers update yourself. Come on!! Anwar Wahhab

WHY do the Indians do so poorly in any international sporting team event or individual? And why will we almost certainly win fewer medals than Soviet Union and East Germany and United States in the Olympics? East Germany, the coach of a national team has four years' training in exercise biomechanics, sports psychology sports organization and two years specialized training in his or her particular field. In India, many coaches are former players /athletes with little knowledge or training in their profession. Except Indian cricket has been given all the gold but sadly you can't change anything at that level, one has to start from the grassroots for the players to become an athlete. Instead, most sportsmen in India just show up at local park (which is also very rare) and learn through irksome trial, error and pain -- courtesy of broken bones and large chunks of missing skin. The United States has 28,159 racers affiliated with clubs and five experienced national team coaches. The Soviet Union has an estimated 350,000 organized racers and 2,500 well-trained coaches at all levels. How can we catch up? When I visited Dublin , Ireland , last year to attend trainers and coaches seminar conducted by Charles Poliquin world famous strength coach who works with Canadian


Olympic team . Johnny Bowden , top celebrity nutrionist and Dr. Ken world class phsio. The audience includes the Irish rugby team coach , Australian rules football coach and many stars from different countries were present , It was a gathering of 400 of the best, brightest and most motivated fitness professionals in the world , but unfortunately I was the only Asian ever attended Charles seminar that's what I have been told and I got a round of applause for that .I saw that the coaches -- are strikingly different from the ones I remember from high school. And so are their practices. There is no milling around waiting to get started. Practice includes organized drills for building specific skills useful to any athlete, drills that have a solid foundation in sports science. For example, athletes warm up their throwing arms with a specialized series of stretching and strengthening exercises. And they make their early throws from a sitting position so that big trunk and leg muscles can't help out the shoulder muscles. India may have the best athletes in the world, but few get a fair shot at proving it. They don't learn the basic nuts and bolts of how to train and compete as effectively as they can. The knowledge they need comes out of today's scientific revolutions in physiology, nutrition and psychology. While American /Canadians /Eastern European researchers lead the world in such work, it has to be delivered by coaches who bother to learn the facts and use them with their athletes. Until then, dedicated young Indians will continue to lose contests they could win. Their coaches/trainers are letting them down.



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