Go, Get That Lean, Mean Look.

Go, Get That Lean, Mean Look.

THERE IS no doubt that lean look is in. We even have the fact corroborated by models and fitness experts. And if you are a film buff, English and even Hindi, have a look at people like Pierce Bronson, Leonardo Di'Caprio, Zayed Khan and Dino Lorea and you will see exactly what we are saying.
But to gain mass and yet remain lean and strong, one must have a well-rounded exercise routine consisting of a well-planned diet, strength training, cardiovascular training and some kind of speed work. Today, we will tell you how you can go about achieving that lean and healthy look.

Diet : To look lean you must eat fewer calories than your body burns off. So EAT LESS but make sure you do not end up starving yourself, otherwise you will lose more muscle than fat! Which is not good? Professionals like models and actors need to watch out — do not eat too much before a shoot.
Start eating 5-6 meals per day (space them out to about one every 3 hours). That way you are eating more often, but not necessarily more.
Increase your protein intake. Without protein your body cannot build new muscle. Protein also helps to increase your metabolism —which burns calories.
Have lots and lots of water. A good formula for this is to multiply your body-weight by .66 to get the required number of ounces per day That does a lot including washing out the toxins.

Strength Training : Do not train for more than 3 times per week.
You should aim to increase the amount of weight you lift only as long as you can maintain medium to high repetitions (meaning 10 to 12) and doing mostly tri sets (three exercises in a row involving two body parts, having practically no rest in between exercises)
Rest for no more than two minutes between sets. Your muscle gain may be smaller but you will look better chiselled and your progress will be steady and your performance will remain consistent.
Follow them up by core exercises (Abdominal and back strengthening exercises ) in the circuit manner (training lower, oblique and upper abs).

Cardiovascular : Perform aerobic exercise 3-4 times per week.
As your strength increases, you should continually improve your cardio training by regularly increasing the duration (aim for an hour of cardio) and/or intensity. Keep) up your cardiovascular and strength training together; if you emphasise weight training over cardio, you are far more likely to gain mass without definition.

Speed work : The explosiveness and agility you develop doing speed work will help lay the foundation for things such as increased metabolism and functional strength.
If you prefer to run, try doing wind sprints. Runners can also do bounds, in which you run with an exaggerated stride, skipping in the air from one foot to the other. Speed work not only helps build strong, lean muscles but also improves body coordination.



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