Five Common Myths About Fitness Training.

.  Five Common Myths About Fitness Training.

WOMEN SHOULDN'T TRAIN WITH HEAVY WEIGHTS : Women don't do weight training because they fear that by doing so they will develop bulging muscles. Truth is, the hormone estrogen wouldn't allow building up of muscles but will only allow a shapely body.

 FOOD SUPPLEMENTS CAN BE HARMFUL : There are some food supplements, especially protein, which can be beneficial for fitness freaks. Of course, one should get them prescribed by either a nutritionist or a qualified instructor.

SIT-UPS ARE BENEFICIAL : Latest research shows that full sit-ups are actually harmful for the knees and also the back. To eliminate these negative effects while doing sit-ups one should only come up 30 to 40 per cent.

EXERCISE WHENEVER YOU FIND TIME : One should exercise early morning on an empty stomach. It takes just 29 minutes of exercise in the morning to burn the food of last night. First the body burns the carbohydrates and then the fat.

WORKING THE TREADMILL IS ENOUGH : One needs to do the routine that comprises warm-up, stretching and weight training regularly to have a healthy body. Five minutes of warm-up, five minutes of stretching and about 25 minutes of weight training are considered sufficient.



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