Don't mimick, you may land in trouble.

.  Don’t mimick, you may land in trouble.

• I have noticed people in gym/ park mimicking other people's exercises, without getting the proper instruction on the rights and wrongs of proper exercise technique and form. If not aware of the proper execution of various exercises, a person can put themselves at a risk of a serious joint and muscle injury The following recommendations are designed to help minimize the risk of injury to the knees.

• Do not exceed the knee-toe line: You do not want your knees to exceed in front of your toes regardless of whether the exercise is squats or taking a step aerobics class. Do not exceed the knee-hip line: Draw an imaginary line from the knees parallel to the floor The hips must not go below that line.

• Do not bounce at the bottom of an exercise: I see this a lot in the gym. Bouncing is "cheating" when performing any exercises. This can damage a joint by over-stretching the ligaments.

• Do not lock the knees keep it soft: This is a common practice on the leg press more often than the squat. Locking out places and excessive overload stress on the ligaments of the knee. It does not increase the range of motion.

• Do not point your knees and toe in different directions: When executing a leg exercise wherever your toes are pointing, your knees should travel.,' across the same direction and path.

• Do not make hard contact with the knee to the ground: This applies to lunges. When performing a lunge, gently and under control, tap your knee on the ground before returning. Do not put blocks underneath the heels while squatting: This makes it hard not to exceed the knee-toe line. It is always better to push from the heals from a flat surface. If you find your heals are coming off the ground as you descend during a squat, the best recommendation is to stretch the Achilles tendon to avoid risking injury.

• Maintain proper weight. Each extra pound you have puts 4 extra pounds of pressure on your I knee when you walk. Have your I posture evaluated. If you tend toward a swayback or flat .feet, get proper shoes. Both conditions can put more inward pressure on knees. Strengthen your core muscles -- back, abdominals, hips — not just your legs. That's where your strength comes from to play in a more crouched — and knee-protecting — position. When you move during sports or just during everyday events, think: "Jump straight as an arrow" and land "light as a feather," toes to heels.

• Health & Hygiene: When you work out hard you may get cottonmouth. Keep in mind you are inside don't spit. This is true for the water fountain as well. Please don't spit in the water fountain. If you work out in the mornings you'll find that most people shower after they go to the gym. This is acceptable but do remember to brush your teeth first. You'll be exhaling around others. Some deodorant doesn't hurt either.

• Proper training attire: Jeans/ Salwar Kameez/dopatta should not be used. It looks bad and it may keep you from getting into your work out. Besides the buttons/rivets on your pockets might cause damage to the upholstery.



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