Counter Food Binge with Regular Exercise.

.  Counter Food Binge with Regular Exercise

• HOLIDAY SEASON is here and so is the time when finding time for both exercises and parties becomes the most difficult. Still, make sure you take the following steps and retain your fitness.

• It is important to have a healthy breakfast and hot oatmeal is a good choice. It will not only fill you up but also maintain your weight. Oat bran is a fat-absorbing substance that promotes healthy elimination of fat from your system.

• Definitely attend parties but don't ever arrive at the venue hungry Also, try and focus on people rather than on the food. Avoid standing near the kitchen or the food tables or else you will keep munching something or the other. Survey the food choices before trying things out. Skip the appetizers and limit the amount of alcoholic beverages. Eat and drink slowly and you'll end up having far less. And avoid second helpings at all cost.
• Never allow yourself to get stuffed! Research tells us that it takes the brain approximately 20 minutes to realize that the stomach is full. So, eat slowly You can still enjoy some of your holiday favorites, but watch your portions.

• It is actually hard to gain weight from a holiday food binge if you exercise briskly every day Consistent over-eating is the culprit, and consistent daily exercise is the solution. Thirty minutes or more of exercise raises the heart rate and gets one sweating, which helps keep the extra pounds away Engage in a variety of activities with friends and family like playing badminton, biking and jogging. Exercising also provides you extra energy, so you can fully participate in various holiday activities.

• It's a fact that exercise improves one's mood and increases optimism. So, make sure you get some fresh air. Go for a really long walk and if your fitness level is high, run. You’ll clear your head…and your heart.

• The best motivation to get moving is knowing that someone is waiting for you. Fix a date with a friend or family member for regular exercise.

• The author is a fitness instructor certified by American Council on Exercise.



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