Who deserve to be your ideal coach? Anwar Wahhab

Who deserve to be your ideal coach? Anwar Wahhab

You realize that you have needs. You want to experience success. You make the decision to hire a coach to help you reach your goals. How can you determine whom you want to work with? Coaching is an intimate relationship in which some of your deepest secrets, fears, and successes are discussed. Where do you go to find someone you trust, someone who can assist you? How can you find the ideal coach? But before you get into this hunt please try to access your goal towards fitness.

Your Goal

It depends on what you are looking at, and you have to be real clear about your goal.

Is it fat loss or just weight loss (though you may become from big apple to small apple or you may be that thin fat person) or you want to keep your curvy body and get lean like Beyonce or you want to just have a healthy heart, not good enough if you do not do any muscle training. What ever!!

Unfortunately there are no standardized tests, boards, or state requirements for coaches. Anyone can hang a shingle outside their door and call him or herself a coach. This makes the task of finding a professional, dynamic, trustworthy coach a difficult task. There are some vital characteristics that you should look for when you are in the searching process.

Training : Coaching is an art form much more than it is a science. Every coach brings his or her unique gifts and unique experiences to the table. Without some kind of structure or underlying theory the coaching breaks down. It becomes an interesting talk between two friends who respect each other. Feel free to ask coaches about their training. Where did the coach learn the craft?

Physical appearance : Does Physical appearance of your coach meets your desire goal. Or does he walk the talk?
If you are looking to be lean, curvy and flexible with a very sporty look then look for a coach who resembles your idea of fitness. Below 10% body fat is lean and anything beyond is fat. He should not also be very bonny and skinny, so make sure your coach is not a fat Bum.

You may watch out for those coaches who's someone just to breath easy with some fitness as he does not train himself hard , how the hell he will train you ?

Some of my students initial say before joining a gym.. I want to be fit and I do not want muscle s how stupid. A very cowardly way of doing fitness. Though mostly I dump them if they do not change their thinking.

And for those girls out there, who wish to reduce their hips and heavy booby areas and by chance if you land up with a bodybuilder kind of coach, who is not qualified enough and advices you to bring in more versatility in his program to do spinning for heavy hips and lots of chest training is big mistake and on the contrary will make you more big . Just like him . So run run away !!

Honesty : Are there any inconsistencies in what this coach is telling you? Are there any "white lies" that you notice in their marketing materials or descriptions? Do you get the intuitive feel that this person is being open and honest? The integrity of your coach will reflect the quality of the feedback you receive, the integrity of the relationship you develop, and eventually the changes you make in yourself. If you are working with your coach on deeper issues you will begin to see the world as your coach sees the world. Work with someone who you admire in some way.

His Credentials and hands on work

He should have at least Progressive fitness /American Council on Exercise; Leena Mogre,s certicated and hold valid CPR AED And most of all he keeps himself updated regularly attending fitness seminars etc.

How busy he is ??

How many clients does he train in a month, and if he brags more than 10 and he still has lots of spot left for you and your friends, probably he is new in the industry and he is very cheap and he will make you a guinea pig with his fat gain program , so run away !!

A good qualified coach when he say he is busy with 6 clients that means he is overflowing and his waiting period is for 3 months man this coach is really happening sign up with him sooner you start benefiting .

If you had gone through the knife for physical appearance correction and liposuction, etc , most trainers have no clue, their you have to do some sole searching to find the true kind of coach as post surgery training specially for liposuction is a very tricky solution.



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