Anwar Wahhab

Well, I have always been an active athlete since I was young; it’s just bred into some people’s genes. As far as being strength and conditioning coach it’s been a few years now training a wide scheme of clients from obese to athletes to your weekend warrior. Then funny thing is, is that I didn’t go to school for this degree I actually studied and got my Master Marine certificate from South Glamorgan College , so I worked in that field for a while traveling around the world, as a navigating officer and handling the crew etc , me being the active athlete I am on the bridge(navigation deck ) 4hrs day staring at the sea did not coincide with my lifestyle.

The thing that sparked me to start training I have always been gung-ho about fitness but decided to give it a go professionally when tennis ace Leander’s dad Dr Vece Paes asked me to team up and train with him. I joined Dr Paes to help run his fitness academy, the now-defunct Paes and Sport, and then looked after fitness at his tennis academy. Soon enough, I decided to fly solo then, it was on to the Cricket Association of Bengal, and the National Cricket Academy, at the same time, assisting former cricketer Saba Karim during cricket camps. I have also worked PRO. Golfer Inderjit Bhalotia and took over as the fitness director of the Indian Golf Union and then got into general fitness soon afterwards.

Currently I am the owner of Awefitness studios and consultant/director for all the Bodyline/Karma chain gyms in India, I have conducted sessions at the Tollygunge Club, for golfers as well as general fitness freaks while the personal training sessions with athletes are still going strong. Among the promising youngsters I am training Ramit Tandon, (five-time junior National Squash Championship and winner 2010 senior national champion ) and his younger brother Rishi, who recently won the Hong Kong Open).

I have been writing articles for Telegraph / Times of India / Hindustan times and Femina.

Education / Training

I have been continuing my professional education since 1990, and hold Master Marine certificate from South Glamorgan college in Cardiff UK I am also a Certified Biosignature practioners By PICP (Poliquin International certification program ) I am also a IKFF (International kettelbell fitness federation) certified kettelbell teacher.
 Health/Fitness Instructor — ACE / Progressive Fitness /LM Academy /American Colleges of Sports Medicine /FIA/ YMCA / Charles Poliquin / Cybex resistance training specialist/ Pillates teacher from Pilates institute London .
 My medical training includes a license in radiological technology, a medical assisting certification. I also have certifications including, plyometrics, self-defense, fitness kick boxing, fitness boxing, exercise rehabilitation, golf conditioning, I hold a First degree black belt in Shotakan karate .

My Philosophy

I also help my clients to develop a vision. “Nearly 50 per cent of people who come in to train, drop out mid-way. I try and explain the theory behind each exercise so that they know just why they’re doing what I’m asking them to do. That way, there’s a better chance they hang on.” I also believe in varying the routine every now and then, just so that the body gets constantly challenged and the clients stay interested.

Why would you train with me ?

Here are some of the benefits you'll receive from experiencing coaching with me:

  • Decreased body fat and increased lean muscle
  • Weight loss without losing body's natural curve
  • Getting into top shape before facing camera
  • Rapid fire shape up for models and busy actors
  • Increased knowledge of how your body works in every capacity
  • Improved health and understanding of your body
  • A greater joy in all aspects of your life.



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